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Dance is For Every Body

Dance is For Every Body

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Marc Brew Photo by Maurice Ramirez

By Hayley Naples '20

“If you have a body, you can dance,” explains Marc Brew, artistic director for AXIS Dance Company. This is an important message that AXIS Dance Company hopes to show the world through their broad range of dancers. Originally founded in 1987, AXIS is an inclusive dance company that provides dancers, choreographers, and directors (with and without disabilities) resources to continue their passion.

Classically trained, Marc Brew grew up as a full-time dancer. At  the age of 11, he began training at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and The Australian Ballet School. Years later, Brew later suffered from a car crash in South Africa where doctors told him he would never walk again.

“After the accident, I had to shift my perception of what dance looks like,” explains Brew. “My body now moves differently than the way I classically trained years ago.”

Radical Impact, Choreographed by Marc Brew Photo by: David DeSilva

Despite this life-changing news, his passion for dance continued to thrive over the years. He has been the artistic director for AXIS for three years. With this role, Brew has set an influential goal.

“[I want to] challenge and be challenged,” stressed Brew. “What can we do better and differently to represent our community and serve their needs? It’s important to support different artists like dancers [by providing] access to opportunity.”

“AXIS continues to push the envelope of what dance looks like,” said Brew. Their intensive programs, trainings, and workshops teach dancers as well as training instructors from across the globe to accommodate a broader range of dancers.

AXIS does this through their three company pillars of artistry, engagement, and advocacy for people with disabilities. Their outreach focuses on bridging the gap of artistry and disabilities while building a strong sense of community.

The future of AXIS is empowering as they continue performing on main stages across the globe as a respected dance company. AXIS proves that dance should be accessible to everyone and every body.

Join us for AXIS Dance Company Feb 15 at Bass Concert Hall. Read more about this performance or get tickets here.

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