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Texas Performing Arts Emerging Arts Professional Program

Texas Performing Arts Emerging Arts Professional Program

The Texas Performing Arts Emerging Arts Professional program has a primary goal of providing emerging arts administrators with a robust introduction to the professional world of the performing arts. The program is Intended to ease the transition from classroom to workplace, while providing a wealth of educational opportunities and career growth in a nurturing environment. Upon the conclusion of the year, program participants will be ready to take on full-time arts administration positions in numerous areas, or pursue higher learning opportunities in the field.

Participants are encouraged to apply for any of the available positions that are relevant to their experiences and interests. Each position will have its own application.

Education & Engagement
The Education and Engagement area provides opportunities for students (K-12 and university) and the community to experience deeper relationships to art on and off the stage. Participants in this area will work in a team to support and develop these activities, both with visiting artists and independently for Texas Performing Arts.

Education and Engagement Sample Duties:

  • Lead and Develop Processes for Backstage Tours
  • Coordinate residency events with visiting artists
  • Provide leadership and on-site support for pre- and post- performance events with partners and constituents
  • Coordinate the Teacher Tix program (providing free tickets to area teachers for select performances)
  • Research potential partners and locations for community events and activities
  • Development and lead after school and summer programs and partnerships with local groups
  • Coordinate with partner institutions to build and share educational materials for touring shows
  • Attend education and engagement activities for local peer institutions 
  • Document and manage data around Education and Engagement activities
  • Create reports showcasing documentation of Education and Engagement activities
  • Support courses taught by TPA staff

Fabrication Studios
The Fabrication Studios at Texas Performing Arts supports academic productions within the College of Fine Arts as well as creates elements for professional productions, other university departments and outside clients. Emerging Arts Professionals working in this area will help support the Hollywood Backdrop project, work on scenic fabrication, prop building, and training in design and technical theatre, especially in relation to UT’s Department of Theatre and Dance and the Butler Opera Center. Additionally, they will support the training and development of UT students interacting with the Fabrication Studios.

Fabrication Studios Sample Duties:

  • Supervise students and professionals during fabrication, painting, installation, and striking of production elements. 
  • Operate and maintain (equipment and machinery including) paint sprayers, paint power equipment, (sewing machine, CNC router, laser cutter, 3D printer and related digital fabrication tools.)
  • Engender a work culture defined by proficiency, safety, excellence, and creative problem solving. 
  • Coordinate and prepare cost estimates for scenic art and prop elements including sculpting, surface finish and paint treatments. 
  • Fabricate, alter, repair, and assist with temporary and long-term storage of fabricated production elements including props, scenery, and backdrops. 
  • Purchase, borrow, or rent props and/or scenic elements.
  • Specify, prepare, test, and apply paint and finish products for props and/or scenic elements. 
  • Define and model standards of discourse and collaboration in the entertainment design and fabrication industry that are centered on empathy and inclusivity. 
  • Facilitate student training and monitor student progress in close collaboration with staff and faculty. 
  • Train students, volunteers, and employees through hands-on demonstration and participation during all phases of planning, production, and management.  
  • Propose, plan, and participate in course residencies, guest lectures, and workshops. 
  • Advise students in the areas of scenic art and props. 

Programming & Events
The Programming and Events area identifies, engages, and supports visiting artists and productions within Texas Performing Arts’ presenting portfolio. Our activities include Broadway in Austin; a curated season of international dance, music and theater; and the Texas Welcomes series of touring concerts, comedy and special attractions.

Programming & Events Sample Duties:

  • Manage assigned TPA events or projects under the leadership of the area staff. Coordinate and collaborate with other stakeholders such as event production, guest services, ticketing, and marketing/communications.
  • Participate in the engagement planning and event management process (artist advance, production advance, day-of-show briefings).
  • Prepare and fulfill artist hospitality requirements (dressing room setups, catering, pre-shops). Assist in supervising student workers and other staff assigned to artist hospitality.
  • Assist with planning and management of artist logistics (flights, hotel accommodations, local ground transportation). Meet artists at point of arrival when required. Drive artists to activity locations as needed.
  • Plan and carry out special events. Assist in coordinating artist participation in marketing, engagement and development activities (press, meet & greets, class visits, discussions).
  • Coordinate internal and external meetings and events. Create and distribute meeting agendas, event notes, and itineraries. Handle planning follow-up items.
  • Support programming & event management document preparation and workflows (estimates, offers, contracts, riders, itineraries, settlements). Track and compile event financial information. Create budgets and reports.
  • Coordinate across areas for appropriate project documentation.
  • Conduct artist and market research when requested.

The Texas Performing Arts Emerging Arts Professional Program is made possible by generous gifts from Julia Marsden and Isabella Cunningham.

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