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Texas Performing Arts at The University of Texas at Austin is made up of state-of-the-art theatres, shops, rehearsal spaces, offices and meeting rooms. Our venues are designed to accommodate a wide range of artistic disciplines and production demands. 

From the intimacy of the 395-seat McCullough Theatre to the lavish 2,900-seat Bass Concert Hall, Texas Performing Arts is able to present the grandest Broadway musical production as well as the smallest one-act play in a setting most conducive to both the production and the audience.

Basic Venue Specs

Bass Concert Hall

Texas Performing Arts’ flagship venue is a world class, state of the art, full service theatrical facility. Bass consists of a newly renovated 2,900-seat auditorium with a 32’ high proscenium, 52’ wide x 48’ deep stage, tongue and groove floor, and ample wing space. The fully hydraulic pit lift can accommodate even the largest musical assemblies. Backstage accommodations include 10 dressing rooms each with private shower and bathroom facilities, one large wardrobe room with laundry facilities, and a green room with small kitchen. Our beautifully remodeled atrium lobby is filled with natural light and plenty of space for a variety of functions.

McCullough Theatre (limited availability)

Located in the PAC building, the McCullough consists of a 395-seat auditorium, 18’ high proscenium, 30’ wide x 36’ deep stage, floated masonite floor, and an orchestra pit with center lift. The McCullough backstage area contains 3 dressing rooms, shared shower and bathroom facilities, and a wardrobe room with laundry facilities.

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Venue Reservation Procedures & Policies

Requests for reservations or technical support must be received at least 90 days prior to move-in. Initial inquiries should be directed to scheduling@texasperformingarts.org. Sponsors are required to complete a Space Request Form and to supply, if necessary, other documentation of eligibility and use.

Events will not be confirmed until 60 days before the intended use. Until an event is confirmed, it may be preempted without recourse by an event of higher priority. Once an event is confirmed, it may not be preempted. Signature authority is required to confirm an event.

Technical requirements and a final event schedule are due 30 days prior to move-in.


Texas Performing Arts facilities are not available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Users must show legal status, financial and technical competence, educational value and/or benefit to the university, and appropriate need. Religious and political organizations may only use facilities once in a calendar year. Priority is given to uses of educational value or of benefit to the university community.

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Scheduling Priorities

Scheduling priority is given to events that are sponsored by (in order):

  1. Texas Performing Arts

  2. The College of Fine Arts
  3. Official UT departments
  4. Registered Student Faculty Staff and UT Auxiliary Organizations

  5. Non UT organizations

Determination of eligibility, programming, and priority is at the discretion of the Director of Texas Performing Arts.


Official UT sponsors are charged a reduced facility fee and billed for temporary labor and other out-of-pocket expenses.
 Registered UT and Auxiliary organizations are charged a reduced facility fee and billed for permanent staff labor, temporary labor, and out-of-pocket expenses. A deposit of 50% of the estimated expenses will be required.

Non-UT users are charged the full facility fee and are billed for permanent staff labor, temporary labor, and out-of-pocket expenses. A deposit and, in some cases, insurance coverage will be required.

Estimates of charges are based on “best” knowledge. Texas Performing Arts is not responsible for unanticipated costs, requirements, or requests.

Financial Policies

UT organizations may retain income derived from events only if such funds are dedicated to university use. Non-UT sponsors may not use UT facilities for private gain or for fundraising activities. This applies to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. If admission to an event is charged, tickets will be sold by Texas Performing Arts. If a profit is made, the funds in excess of expenses must be remitted to Texas Performing Arts as an additional charge.
 The only exceptions to these rules are for events that are programmed by the Texas Performing Arts Director and involve a negotiated fee or split of income after expenses.

Merchandise and other items may be sold only through negotiated agreement. There is generally a 30% commission to Texas Performing Arts on all merchandise sales.

Event Policies

Due to fire and safety rules, all events must be ticketed, or number of attendees adequately controlled as to the specifications of Texas Performing Arts.

A Texas Performing Arts staff person or delegate must be on-site during any use of the facilities.

Texas Performing Arts has the right to control all aspects of the safe and technical management of events.

Recording, taping, filming or photographing an event requires approval by the Office of Public Affairs. Any and all requests for recording of an event must be received by the Scheduling Manager at least 75 days before the scheduled event. Approval is not guaranteed. Rights to subsequent use of recordings usually necessitate a location fee and additional labor charges.

Food and beverages may only be dispensed by licensed and insured personnel.




Rental Information Form

Please fill out the form above. All requests must be received at least 90 days prior to the intended use.

Special Event and Lobby Rentals

Bass Concert Hall has over 7,000 square feet of lobby space. In an effort to provide patrons with a unique experience, we are offering certain areas for private party rentals. One of the most dramatic locations is the outdoor patio on the 6th floor, with views of the LBJ fountain and the Tower, creating a sensational spot for your group to enjoy.

From private pre-performance receptions to full service multi-course dinners, Texas Performing Arts can accommodate any size group. Our on-site event coordinator can help you plan all the details from catering to specialty rentals.

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