The University of Texas at Austin

The Team

The Team

Bob Bursey
Executive and Artistic Director

Tara Vela
Associate Director

Business Office

Kristi Lampi
Business Operations Manager

Leigh Remeny
Administrative Associate, Business Operations


Sarah Weidler Young
Associate Director of Development

Guest Services

Sarah Andrews
Guest Services Manager


Lizzie Choffel
Senior Graphic Designer

Erica De Leon
Marketing Specialist, Digital Media

Romina Jara
Marketing Coordinator - Media Buying & Settlements


Seb Boone
Master Electrician

Scott Bussey
Technical Director

Sarah Cantu
Master Electrician

Phoebe Greene
Event Operations Manager

Conrad Haden
Stage Supervisor

Carolyn Hardin
Assistant Prop Shop Supervisor

Jason Huerta
Associate Scenic Studio Supervisor

J. E. Johnson
Scenic Studio Supervisor

Yvonne Kimmons
Assistant Director, Performance Logistics

Kenny Kuykendall
Assistant Audio Supervisor

Karen Maness
Scenic Art Supervisor

Ashton Bennett Murphy
Assistant Scenic Charge Artist

Hank Schwemmer
Master Carpenter

Programs and Events

Amber Goodspeed
Events Manager

Tim Rogers
Assistant Director, Education & Engagement

Will Shirey
Talent Buyer

Brenda Simms
Program Coordinator, Education & Curriculum Development

Ticket Office

Margaret Badasci
Assistant Ticketing Services Manager

Dianne Whitehair
Ticketing Systems Manager

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