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Profeti della Quinta

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Profeti della Quinta
Doron Schleifer, countertenor
Roman Melish, countertenor
Lior Leibovici, tenor
Dan Dunkelblum, tenor
Elam Rotem, bass, harpsichord and musical direction
Ori Harmelin, chitarrone

Presented in partnership with the Butler School of Music and KMFA-FM

All-male vocal ensemble Profeti della Quinta creates vivid and expressive performances while focusing on the vocal repertoire of the 16th and early 17th centuries. Founded in the Galilee region of Israel by bass singer and harpsichordist Elam Rotem, the ensemble now resides in Basel, Switzerland. The core ensemble includes countertenor, tenor, and bass singers, who perform either a-cappella or together with period instruments.

For their Austin debut, Profeti della Quinta explores the many-faceted art of 17th century Jewish-Italian violinist and composer Salomone Rossi, who was a transitional figure between the late Italian Renaissance and early baroque.

Ensemble Profeti della Quinta is a sonorous wonder. The balance between the voices, the polyphonic precision and the radiant virtuosity of the countertenor soloist, made this concert a feast for the ears and for the soul.

Le Droit

Come With me From Lebanon - Profeti della Quinta from Elam Rotem on YouTube.

Fun Facts:

  • Profeti della Quinta have played an active role in performing and researching music from the late Renaissance.
  • Profeti Della Quinta is featured in a documentary film by Joseph Rochlitz, Hebreo: The Search for Salomone Rossi, and have had their concerts broadcast by numerous international radio stations.
  • In 2011, Profeti della Quinta won the York Early Music Young Artists Competition, and has since toured all over the world, including Europe, North American, Japan, China, and Israel.