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Jordi Savall, The Routes of Slavery

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Jordi Savall
The Routes of Slavery

Memories of Slavery

Presented in partnership with the Butler School of Music and KAZI-FM

This performance is made possible in part by the Topfer Endowment for Performing Arts Production.

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Renowned early music interpreter and performer Jordi Savall returns to TPA with the Austin premiere of his new multicultural program, The Routes of Slavery.

This unique performance explores the history and music from the three continents involved in the trade in African slaves and their exploitation in the New World. They are brought together through the early music of the colonial period, the musical traditions of Mali, and the oral traditions of the descendants of slaves in Madagascar, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. From the musical traditions of medieval Europe to negro spirituals, Savall sheds light on one of human history’s most painful chapters.

Performed by Savall and a large ensemble of guest performers, this ‘musical memoir’ is accompanied with historical texts on slavery, beginning with the early chronicles of 1444 and concluding with texts written by Nobel Peace Prize-winner Martin Luther King, Jr. shortly before his assassination in 1968.

"A Musical Map of Resilience: Jordi Savall’s ‘The Routes of Slavery'" - SIGHTLINES
Jordi Savall Explores the Musical Legacy of 'The Routes of Slavery' - KQED

Jordi Savall testifies to a common cultural inheritance of infinite variety. He is a man for our time.

Guardian UK

Routes de l'esclavage (Teaser) - Jordi Savall from Alia Vox on YouTube.

Fun Facts:

  • In 2008 Jordi Savall was appointed European Union Ambassador for intercultural dialogue and was named “Artist for Peace” under the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors program.
  • His contribution to Alain Corneau’s film, Tous les Matins du Monde, won a César (France’s national film award) for the best soundtrack.
  • Jordi Savall popularized the viol family of instruments (notably the viola da gamba) in contemporary performance and recording.
  • Savall has won a number of awards including the Midem Classical Award, the International Classical Music Award, and the Grammy Award.
  • Guest artists in his ensembles include Arab, Israeli, Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Afghan, Mexican and North American musicians.
  • Savall has recorded and released more than 230 albums.