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Aquila Theatre, The Trojan War: Our Warrior Chorus

Presented in partnership with Department of Classics and The Texas Tribune

Known for creating bold reinterpretations of classical plays for contemporary audiences, British-American Aquila Theatre has teamed up with United States combat veterans/actors of the Warrior Chorus for this unique theatrical experience where the classic myths of ancient Greece and Rome are set against the compelling narratives of modern war.

The Trojan War: Our Warrior Chorus uses epic moments from Homer’s Iliad and scenes from other Greek drama and poetry to propel a thrilling chronicle of men and women at war, told by Aquila Theatre alongside members of the Warrior Chorus, created by a national program that brings together men and women who served in the United States military and trains them in the performing arts and humanities. The Austin performance follows a ten-week Warrior Chorus training program with veterans at The University of Texas in the fall of 2016.

“...a classically trained, modernly hip troupe…” — The New York Times