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Frank Wo/Men Collective

Frank Wo/Men Collective

Frank Wo/Men Collective

Frank Wo/Men Collective

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A Virtual Live Interactive Television Game Theatre Experience Adventure

Stemmed from the seeds of our kiddo magic, there exist five rooms — each a unique home space that possesses its own sneaky sneaky bells and whistles. Five live kiddadult characters inhabit these personalized rooms, and the audience has the ability to observe them through 11 potential camera views with increasingly interactive rounds of influence. 

Amidst the weaving of the five’s kooky psychodynamic journeys, this pseudo-”Sims” live action experiment engages the audience with a User Interface hosted on our website, that— through a series of easter eggs or digital buttons — allows the users to modify the environments, play games with the characters, and even taste control.

Workshop shows: Dec 12 & 13 (Sat and Sun)
Slots available @ 2p, 4p, 6p, 8p CST
ASL interpreted show: Dec 13 @ 4p

Frank Wo/Men Collective
, based out of Austin, TX, is an ever-evolving group of interdisciplinary artists and multi-interested embodiers. Frankie collaborators co-produce a multitude of maximalist, highly physical pieces which are often fervid, contemplative, or idiosyncratic. Our work is underpinned with intersectional thinking, queerness, Freudian curiosities, body positivity, and absurdist exploration. www.frankwomencollective.com

Co-Producers: Alexa Capareda, Chris Conard, Roberto Di Donato, Kelsey Oliver

Co-Directors: Kelsey Oliver & Roberto Di Donato

Technical Director/Scenic + Lighting Designer: Chris Conard

Integrated Media Co-Designers: Chris Conard & Michael Bruner

Integrated Media Engineer/Web Developer: Michael Bruner

Musician/Sound Engineer: Schivona “Schi the God” Johnson

Videographer + Editor/Camera Movement + Installation: Tori Reynolds

Original Costumes Designer: Aaron Flynn

Co-Costume Curators: Aaron Flynn & Kelsey Oliver + performers

PR/Creative Copy Director: Alexa Capareda

Performers/Room+Journey Curators: Erica Saucedo, Khali Sykes, Alexa Capareda, Roberto Di Donato, Kelsey Oliver

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