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Student Spotlight: Hayley Naples

Student Spotlight: Hayley Naples

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

At Texas Performing Arts, we are able to professionally involve students in every aspect of our organization. Having the opportunity to show, connect, and inspire our students to be the next generation of arts leaders is one of the most important things we do.

Hayley Naples

We met with Hayley Naples '20 to chat about the performing arts and her time as a valued student employee. 

Major: Corporate Communications

Role at TPA: Marketing and Communication Student Assistant

Q: What opportunities has TPA provided for you? 

TPA has opened a lot of doors for students. Personally, I have been able to explore my passion for marketing and communication. I’ve worked on projects such as writing articles featured both online and in performance programs. I interview talented people and I continue to learn from my colleagues every day.  

Q: Describe a challenge you face at work. 

The most challenging part of my role is juggling multiple projects and deadlines. Through this, I have learned how to effectively communicate with others, time manage, and strengthen my skills as a writer. My role at TPA has allowed me to grow long-term relationships with fellow students and UT-Austin community members. 

Q: What do you wish others knew about TPA? 

Donations help pay for student employment. Without them, I would not get paid for my work here and would not be able to continue pursuing my career in marketing and communication. Thank you, donors!

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at TPA? 

The best part about working for TPA is that the staff truly values student employees. They create an empowering environment to foster growth and creativity in multiple industries. 

Q: Would you recommend working at TPA? 

I constantly recommend working at Texas Performing Arts to my friends. It is a great way to get authentic work experience while having a flexible school schedule.  

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