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Emissaries for the Arts: TPA AmBASSadors

Emissaries for the Arts: TPA AmBASSadors

Monday, June 25, 2018
By Brittany Worthington, TPA Student Employee

Entering your freshman year of college is a major transition—new people, new places. On a campus as large as UT, it can be especially difficult to find a group of people with whom you truly connect. But when Asya Mazmanyan joined Texas Performing Art’s AmBASSador program, she definitely found her particular herd of Longhorns.  

Like Asya, the AmBASSador program is in its first year at UT. The student engagement initiative acts as a bridge between Texas Performing Arts and the greater campus community though tabling, postering, and other means of public outreach.  

“Our main job is to fill in the gaps where Hook ’em Arts cannot,” she said. “We pick up and continue on with their work through talking to our peers about everything we do as an organization. It’s really fun when people stop and chat with us about the shows they’re excited to see this season,” she said. 

Raising awareness for the performing arts on campus has allowed Asya to connect with students beyond her classes. 

“My favorite part is interacting with people who aren’t pursuing my major. It’s nice to be involved in something very different that’s not related to my major,” said Asya, who studies electrical and computer engineering.   

Even beyond her fellow AmBASSadors and the members of Hook ’em Arts, Asya has made connections with other students on campus through various activities such as assisting with welcome weekends for prospective students or promoting TPA at the Student Activities Fair. 

The student group also earns hands-on experience as volunteer ushers and guides for special events. For example, the AmBASSadors helped usher a Fifth House Ensemble Journey LIVE community outreach event for more than 800 students.  

But for the nascent organization, much of this year has been spent developing a status quo that future AmBASSadors can maintain and build.  

AmBASSador Group

According to Asya, the AmBASSadors are developing showtime activities for young children in the audience. Together, they are searching for ways to engage children during performances without disrupting the other audience members. 

As the AmBASSadors continue to grow and evolve, so will the possibilities for potential projects. But if this inaugural year is any indication, the AmBASSadors have proven themselves as exceptional emissaries for Texas Performing Arts, bringing people together within the organization and across campus. Not only did Asya Mazmanyan find her place among the AmBASSadors, but the AmBASSadors have found their place among the UT community.  

Students interested in the AmBASSadors are encouraged to fill out a volunteer application. 

Hook 'em Arts Meetings

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