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Twyla Tharp Dance
Diamond Jubilee

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The acclaimed Twyla Tharp Dance returns to Austin with a celebratory program that includes two new works and a lively revival. Featuring music by rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry, Ocean’s Motion (1975) celebrates teenage good times, spilling over with youthful daring and high-wattage performances of Tharp’s signature blend of ballet and jazz dance. Brel is a new solo in homage to the Belgian songwriter Jacques Brel where Tharp's command of wit and musicality shine in dancing that is both introspective and stunningly athletic. Composer Simeon ten Holt’s minimalist music mixes with Vivaldi’s Baroque scores in The Ballet Master, a new work mixing technical precision and joyful ease. Unpredictable and dynamic, Tharp’s creations solidify her place as one of the century’s most innovative choreographers.

The star-studded cast includes New York City Ballet's Daniel Ulbricht, Gibney Company members Miriam Gittens and Jake Tribus, L.A. Dance Project's Daisy Jacobson, and longtime Tharp collaborators Skye Mattox, John Selya, and Reed Tankersley.

Program Detail:
Ocean's Motion (1975)
Music by Chuck Berry
Dancers: Miriam Gittens, Daisy Jacobson, Skye Mattox, Reed Tankersley, Jake Tribus

Brel (2024)
Music by Jacques Brel
Dancers: Daniel Ulbricht

The Ballet Master (2024)
Music by Simeon ten Holt / Antonio Vivaldi
Dancers: Miriam Gittens, Daisy Jacobson, Skye Mattox, John Selya, Reed Tankersley, Jake Tribus, Daniel Ulbricht

With her signature wit, technical precision, and joyful ease, Twyla Tharp continues to expand her artistic range in her seventh decade of dance.

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