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Youth Performances

Youth Performances

Through Campus and Community Engagement programming, Texas Performing Arts presents two Essential Series performances each season to create an opportunity for a strong artistic and cultural impression on youth in grades 7–12. Youth Performances are available free of charge for educators and students.

TPA staff members provide corresponding educational resources including study guides, worksheets, self-guided digital presentations, and in-school presentations. Additionally, a Q&A session follows each performance allowing student to interact with world class performers.  

Make your request for up to 150 seats per school. Requests for larger groups may be considered.

Youth Performance Seating Request Form

2018-19 Schedule

Ragamala 2

Ragamala Dance Company Written in Water
Thu, Oct 18, 2018, 11 am–12:15 pm
Bass Concert Hall

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This multidisciplinary work is performed by five traditional South Indian Bharatanatyam dancers and a live music ensemble of Iraqi, jazz, and Carnatic instruments. The performance also features original artwork projected on the stage floor and projection screen.

Many cultural elements are incorporated into the Written in Water performance, including:

  • Second century Indian board game, Paramapadham (the precursor to Snakes and Ladders)
  • Hindu myth, “Churning of the Ocean of Milk”
  • 12th century Sufi poem, “A Conference of Birds”

Related lesson ideas: Celebration of Cultures; Bharatanatyam Dance; Life Lessons in Chutes & Ladders; Hindu Mythology; Persian Poetry

The Sounds of Zamar

Trey McLaughlin & The Sounds of Zamar
Fri, April 26, 2019, 11 am–12 pm
Bass Concert Hall

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This soloist and choir from Georgia are known for their expressive vocals and intricate arrangements of contemporary gospel songs. Their viral videos have acquired millions of loyal YouTube viewers. This youth performance will feature secular pop songs and musical theater hits.

Related Lessons: Expression in Song; Music for Social Change; Teamwork

Bus Grants

Texas Performing Arts has funds available to help schools meet the transportation costs of educational trips to daytime Youth Performances at Bass Concert Hall (2300 Robert Dedman) during the 2018-19 school year. 

Read more about Bus Grants here.


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