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Audience Etiquette

Audience Etiquette

Please be mindful that performance venues are shared spaces—be kind to your seat neighbors!

  1. Take care of personal needs like visiting the restroom, unwrapping cough drops, digging out tissues from your bag, etc. before the performance so as not to disturb your seat neighbors.
  2. Please sit in the seat you are assigned so you do not cause confusion.
  3. Outside food and drink, including water, is not allowed in any Texas Performing Arts venue.* Food purchased within the venue must be enjoyed in the lobby. Drinks are allowed in the hall.
  4. Photo policies vary by performance. Please check with an usher or house manager for the photo policy of the show you are attending.
  5. Please silence or turn off all electronic devices. While we encourage you to share your experience at Texas Performing Arts via social media, please refrain from doing so or texting during performances; the glow from your device is distracting.
  6. The sound system for shows is provided by the touring production. Unfortunately, many variables may occasionally hinder sound quality. Please let an usher know if you are having trouble hearing.
  7. If you need assistance during the performance, please go to the nearest usher.
  8. Lovebirds, when you lean your heads together, you block the view of people behind you.
  9. Go easy with perfume and cologne. Many people are highly allergic.
  10. Please refrain from talking, humming, or singing along with the performance, except when encouraged to do so by the artist or show.
  11. Please wait for an appropriate moment like intermission to dig something out of your pocket or bag. 
  12. If your child becomes restless, frightened, or loud, please take them to the lobby, but remember our lobby is not soundproof.

Thanks for being a great audience member!

*Exceptions will be made for those with disabilities, medical requirements and/or special needs. Patrons with specific/special dietary needs due to disabilities, medical conditions or special needs should contact Guest Services by calling 512.471.2787 or by email to frontofhouse@texasperformingarts.org prior to attending the event to arrange for reasonable accommodations.

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