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The Outrage

The Outrage

The Outrage

The Outrage (MGM 1964), a view of southwestern United States, the Sonoran Desert, in the 1870s

30’-0” x 93’-0”
Tambi Larsen, Production Designer
George W. Davis, Art Director
George Gibson, Scenic Art Supervisor
Scenic Art Attributed to: Ben Carré, Clark Provins, Harry Tepker, Wayne Hill, Bob Oberbeck, Jim Dobson, Fred Tuch, Bob Wolfe

This giant Sonoran Desert backdrop acts as a supporting character to this 1870's period film, where travelers pass through the expansive, dramatic, and isolating space where anything can happen. Designed to be lit from behind so clouds can darken at sunset and constructed to wrap around a soundstage, this 30'x 93' titan weighs in at a whopping 200lbs. 

FUN FACT: UT's acquisition of the backdrop breaks a record for the largest original work of art owned by the state of Texas. That prestigious title, formerly held by the Ming Cho Lee Fire Curtain, painted by Bob Moody, which hangs directly downstage of The Outrage drop, in Bass Concert Hall.

Bob Oberbeck, master of architectural and landscape painting, can be credited for working on this dramatic backdrop. Oberbeck was a master of using textured rollers to create foliage and convincing landscapes to transport audiences to distant locals. Step close to this backdrop to reveal the confident color and textural choices made by these artists to create this master illusion. 

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