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Mnozil Brass


Presented in partnership with Butler School of Music Brass Studio and KMFA-FM

Seamlessly blending technical virtuosity and comedic brilliance, Mnozil Brass has become an international sensation. With over 130 performances a year, the group has sold out houses worldwide. Austria’s Mnozil Brass are often likened to Monty Python, combining offbeat humor, physical comedy, and serious chops for an evening of original compositions, classical favorites, jazz standards, and popular hits. It’s no wonder that Mnozil Brass have garnered millions of YouTube views and their fans travel countless miles to hear them play. 

Mnozil Brass is one of the funniest, and most creative, chamber groups on the planet. — Classicalite

MNOZIL BRASS 4 PLAY from Mnozil Brass on Vimeo.