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A Thousand Thoughts: Kronos Quartet Reimagined for the Screen

A Thousand Thoughts: Kronos Quartet Reimagined for the Screen

Friday, March 15, 2019
By Emily Gitten, TPA Student Employee

San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet revolutionized string quartet music for the masses. Very few quartets can claim that they have collaborated with artists such as Paul McCartney and David Bowie during their career. Returning to Austin, Kronos embarks on a new style of collaboration with film maker Sam Green for A Thousand Thoughts.

“Working with Sam [Green] has been a very natural partnership because we have collaborated on projects of his in the past,” said Kronos founder David Harrington. “We’ve provided the score on numerous films, but we’ve never been the subject of one which has been a fun process for us.”

Beyond being the sole subject of the film, Kronos Quartet provides the live score of the entire production, while Green narrates the audience through footage and interviews highlighting major achievements during the group’s career.

“Unlike other documentaries, we’re perform right on stage alongside Sam with the film playing in real time,” said Harrington. “No two performances on this tour are the same, making no two audiences experiences the same. It’s an experience as a performer, truly unlike any other.”

Harrington said Green’s vision for the film was to create an overall experience that celebrates more than just the group and their career. Through interviews with past collaborators and the individuals who make up Kronos, Harrington hopes that the story of Kronos will inspire the audience to create their own

“I want to say the performance is both a reflection of the past and a look into the future,” Harrington said. “I want audience members to leave their specific performance feeling inspired to create something beautiful on their own.”

Harrington feels that above all else, A Thousand Thoughts is a celebration of music for all to experience and enjoy.

“I want people to realize A Thousand Thoughts is about fun and be able to enjoy themselves while watching the production,” Harrington said. 

A Thousand Thoughts originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018 as part of the New Frontier Program. It will be performed at Bass Concert Hall on Mar 27 at 8 pm. Click here to read more about the performance. 
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