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Student Spotlight: Oscar Corpus

Student Spotlight: Oscar Corpus

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

At Texas Performing Arts, we are able to professionally involve students in every aspect of our organization. Having the opportunity to show, connect, and inspire our students to be the next generation of arts leaders is one of the most important things we do.

Oscar Corpus

By Hayley Naples '20

We met with Oscar Corpus '20 to chat about the performing arts, and his time as a valued student employee. 

Major: English Honors

Role at TPA: Ticket Services Representative

Q. You’re a senior this year! How do you feel TPA has prepared you for post graduation?

A. TPA has given me valuable tools, connections, and experiences that will come in handy after graduation. Being part of the TPA Ticket Office Team has helped me realize which careers I’m interested in pursuing, and it’s given me a glimpse of the type of work environment I would like to be a part of one day. 

Q. You have been with TPA for over a year. What has been your favorite part of your job?

A. My favorite part of working at TPA is the environment; I look forward to coming to work everyday! I truly believe I've made my closest college friends working at the ticket office. I also love the diversity of ages, cultures, and backgrounds. I've made an abundance of memories and relationships that will last well beyond graduation. 

Q. Ticket Services Representative is a complex role. What is the biggest challenge of your role as Ticket Services Representative?

A. Because the Bass Concert Hall hosts a wide variety of shows, from Broadway musicals to comedy shows, every event has different rules and requirements that must be enforced in order to provide the best experience to our patrons. 

Q. TPA helps open a lot of doors for students. What has been your biggest opportunity while working for TPA?

A. Working for TPA has been an amazing learning experience. Not only have I gained valuable knowledge on diverse fields in the arts and entertainment, but I was also able to incorporate my own strengths and passions. For example, I used Spanish skills and my passion for linguistics in an ambitious project to translate important informational signs, and was even able to record announcements that play during shows. This project has allowed me to act as a leader in a large scale project, and has opened new opportunities to work with different communities and organizations both on and off-campus.

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