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Youth Performance: Nobuntu

This award-winning, all-female a cappella quintet from Zimbabwe has drawn international acclaim for its fusion of traditional music, afro-jazz, and gospel. Their rich, pure voices and exhilarating rhythms are accompanied by minimalistic percussion, traditional instruments, and authentic dance in an effort to preserve their cultural heritage while also promoting positive change through the unifying power of music. The word “Nobuntu” defines an African concept valuing humbleness, love, unity, and family from a woman’s perspective. The ensemble’s mission is the belief that music can be an important vehicle for change, one that transcends racial, tribal, religious, and economic boundaries.

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Learn more about Nobuntu here.

About Youth Performances

Through our Campus and Community Engagement program, Texas Performing Arts offers daytime youth performances of select Essential Series performances especially designed to inspire students in grades 6-12. Youth Performances are available free of charge for educators and students in Austin and the Central Texas area.

TPA staff members provide corresponding educational materials to enhance the student experience. Following each youth performance, we provide a Q & A session to encourage students to interact with artists.

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Nobuntu - Inganekwane (Official Music Video) from 10thDistrictMusic on YouTube.

Fun Facts:

  • The women of Nobuntu share a common goal to promote and preserve ‘ubuntu’, a Nguni word meaning compassion and humanity, through their music.
  • In 2015, Nobuntu was nominated for the Zimbabwe International Women Awards for Musician of the Year.
  • The release of their debut album, Thina, immediately took them to their first international tour in Europe.
  • The quintet has released three recordings: Thina (2013), Ekhaya (2016), and Obabes beMbude (2018).