Student Ticket Fund

Share a performance with a student and inspire them for a lifetime.

The performing arts have a remarkable capacity to add meaning and cultural context to a student’s overall educational experience. That’s why we offer $10 student tickets to all area students to every performance we present, including Broadway shows and touring concerts.

But, we can only do this with your help.

Who made your first performance possible? A parent? A teacher? A friend? Now YOU can pay it forward with a gift to the Student Ticket Fund.

Through our $10 student ticket program, Texas Performing Arts has achieved the highest student attendance rate of any university performing arts center in the nation, but we need your help if this important educational program is to continue.

For every $20 donation to the Student Ticket Fund, we can provide one area student with a $10 ticket. And, in the upcoming season we will help as many as 20,000 students see a performance on one of our stages.

So share your love of the arts with a student —- make your tax-deductible donation today!

Donate to the Student Ticket Fund.

We want to hear from you! Post your first live performance experience on facebook then, Pay It Forward.

“Attending this performance enabled my students to experience a live jazz performance as a group. We are now able to have subsequent discussions incorporating the quotes, historical references and musical performances.” – Anderson High School AISD Teacher who brought students to see Miles Davis Experience