Our Supporters


Texas Performing Arts would like to thank our donors. Your support is truly appreciated not only by our staff, but also by the thousands of students and people across Central Texas who have the opportunity to experience the transformational power of the performing arts because of the generosity of people like you. Thank you!

Texas Performing Arts gratefully acknowledges contributions for the 2013-2014 season at $1,000 or higher.

$5,000 AND UP

Anonymous (3)
Julie and Steve Avery
Jannis and Robert B. Baldwin III
Joe Batson
Julia and Halsey Marsden*
Gilberto and Kathleen Soto
Dwight C. Williams and Cynthia S. Glover
Laura and David Starks
Dana and David Zucker

$2,500 – $4,999

Robert Abzug and Penne Restad
Dianne and Robert Brode
Marianne and Mario Davila
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Ebert
Matthew Ely
Tom Etheredge
Clay Francis
Susan and Geoffrey Gay
Andrew and Mary Ann Heller
Dan Jackson and Jeremy Guiberteau*
Sheila Kothmann
Gary Mink
Sujatha and Jeff Nitzsche
Joseph Orr
Janis and Joe Pinnelli
Jennifer and Chuck Rice
Carolyn and Marc Seriff
Carol Ann Shepherd
Barbara and Robert Tocker

$1,000 – $2,499

Janice and David Abrams
Bill and Linda Andrews
anonymous (2)
James Armstrong and Larry Connelly
Kimberly Attallah
Phillip F. Auth*
Bonnie L. Bain*
Dinah and Barry Barksdale
Carolyn R. Bartlett*
Frances and Martin Blank
Robert Bloemhof
Tahra and Michael Boatright
Michael Boland
Zaragoza Briseno, Jr.
Kim Britt
Gary R. and Peggy Brown
Kim and Reed Brown*
Kara and Shelby Brown
Westin Brown
Cheryl Brownstein
Kay Willis Brumley
Suzanne and Terry Burgess
Shellie and Martin Campos
Bill and Lynne Cariker
James Carlisle
Edwina P. Carrington
Kimberly Chambers
Cadey and Alex Charfen
Jo Anne Christian
Linda and Jim Cintron
Jeffrey P. Coddington
Anita and John Costanzi
Ann and Tommy Cowan  
Thomas Crowson and Elizabeth Mayers
Charles Dickey
Jan and Paul Diehl
Joyce and David Dormady
Kathleen Dunagan
Laurie and Drew Duncan
Jeffrey and Maria Dwyer*
Mary Beth Eastwood
Barbara Ellis and Alex McAlmon
Susan and Robert Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fainter, Jr.
Lowell Feldman Family
John and Barbara Fibiger
Anne Fielding
Susan and Steven R. Foy
Pamela and David Frager
Sara and Mark Franz
Susan and Lee Gammill*
Cheryl and R. James George, Jr.
Michael Gibertini and Kari Nations*
Sharon and Bruce Golden
Susan and Barry Goodman
Richard and Virgina Gorelick
Kerry Gossett and Patrick Corrigan  
Everardo and Elena Goyanes*
Adrienne and John Gragg
Karen and Rowland Greenwade
Connie and Kerry Grimes
Joanne Guariglia
Juan M. Guerrero, M.D.
Richard Hartgrove and Gary Cooper*
Dody and Michael Heins
Karen and James Heldt
Brian Hencey and Chuck Ross*
Curry Hendricks
Charlotte Herzele
Raje Heyer
Martha Hilley
Dennis and Lisa Hobbs
Mellie and Tom Hogan
Vicki Howard
Frank and Kathy Ikard
B.R. and Donna Israel
Michael J. Iupe, CPA
Jo and Jon Ivester
Tim Janssen
JoAnn Jentz
Jacqueline Johnson
Mary and Michael Johnson
Maxx Judd and Donn Gauger
Lynn Katz*
Deborah S. and Bill Keyes
Kim and Glen Kiechnick
Lenita Kinane
Cliff Knowles and Margaret Denena*
Gail and Jeff Kodosky*
Lance and Gretchen Kroesch
Babette and Robert Laibovitz
Jack Getman and Terri LeClercq*
Barbie and Jesse Lee
Jeremy Leiting
Diana Dworaczyk and Kurt Lemke
Thomas S. Loftus, M.D.
Bard Wrisley and Lara Lowman*
Dr. and Mrs. Humboldt Mandell
Hunter March
Mrs. Alex H. Massad
Donna and Woody McCasland
Melissa Moloney and Chris Walk
Jeanette and Ferris Nassour
Terry Neal and Gary Pritchett
Jeffrey Neumann
Pat and Julie Oles, Barshop & Oles Company
John V. Panosh
Raymund Paredes
Connie and Samuel Pate
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Payne
Shari and John Pflueger
Liz and Jon Phelan
Erin and Tom Pyle
Gay and Shannon Ratliff
Gina and Don Reese
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Reeves
Alec Rhodes
Lt. Col. And Mrs. Gerald Risovi*
Steve Rogers*
Lawana Rothamel
Saleh, Inc.
Nancy Scanlan
Scott Schneider
Dianne and Eugene Schoch
Peter Schram and Harry Ullmann
David L. Schultz
Dana and Donald Schwent
Frank Seely
Syd Sharples*
Tracey Sharples  
Xochitl Shuey
Jane and Jerry Shults
Mark W. Smith
Shari and Eric Stein
Karin and Robert Stern
Judy and Bruce Stuckman
Drs. Carol Swindell and Thomas Vinson
Natalia and John Taylor
Louann and Larry Temple
Ajay K. Thomas
Lee R. Thomas
Kelly and Richard Topfer
Holly and Chris Turner
James Utz
Rebecca and Scott Van den Berg
Zahir Walji*
Abby L. Warshowsky and Luis Gonzalez
Brooks Watson Employee Benefits
Mark Weiss and Janet Bray*
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wheeler*
Dr. Jeff and Jennifer Whitehill
Catherine and David Wilkes
KC and Theresa Williams
Suzanne and Marc Winkelman
Jud Wyatt
Lynn Yeldell and Alisa Weldon*
Michael Yerington
Chris Yost
Annie and Brian Zucker

*These members are also subscribers to the 2013-2014 Texas Performing Arts season.