Q: When can I purchase the Bass Pass?
A: The Bass Pass is available throughout the year for purchase online at OR you can buy it in person at the Texas Performing Arts Ticket Office at Bass Concert Hall (Hours: Tue-Fri, 11 am-6 pm)

Q: Why can’t I buy Broadway and concert Bass Pass tickets online?
A: Based on contractual obligations, Broadway Across America shows and touring concerts do not allow ANY discounted tickets to be sold online or over the phone. Instead, all Bass Pass tickets to Broadway shows and concerts must be purchased in person.

Q: So how do I purchase Bass Pass tickets to concerts?
A: There will be an exclusive Bass Pass on-sale for concerts, usually the day before the public on-sale. The Bass Pass on-sale is typically announced on a Monday with the actual on-sale on later that week. Once we receive this information, we send an email to all Bass Pass students, so it’s important that you read those emails!

Q: I can’t make it to the Bass Pass on-sale. Can I send a friend to purchase my tickets for me?
A: Yes! You may send another person with your ID and/or bring the ID of another student subscriber. A maximum of four (4) tickets can be sold to a single subscriber with two (2) valid IDs.

Q: When can I buy Bass Pass Broadway tickets?
A: Availability of Bass Pass Broadway tickets is determined by each individual Broadway Across America show, but typically they are available to purchase the day of the show, in person only, at the Texas Performing Arts Ticket Office. Each show determines the exact times that Bass Pass tickets will be available to purchase, and once we receive that information, we send out an email. We usually receive this information about one week before opening night.

Q: Why aren’t there Bass Pass tickets for all nights of Broadway?
A: Broadway Across America determines the show(s) for which we are allowed to sell $10Bass Pass tickets. Texas Performing Arts is contractually obligated to follow the rules they set.

Q: Why is there a limited number of Bass Pass tickets for Broadway and concerts?
A: When Bass Pass students buy $10 tickets, Texas Performing Arts subsidizes the cost of the ticket with the Student Ticket Fund. For example, a regular-priced ticket to Wicked will cost somewhere between $40-$150. When a TPA Package student buys one for $10, Texas Performing Arts pays the difference of $30-$140. We offer as many Bass Pass tickets as possible for each show without depleting the Student Ticket Fund completely. So…if you’re feeling proactive, spread the word about donating to the Student Ticket Fund so that we can provide more $10 tickets to UT students!

Q: How do I buy tickets to season shows?
A: You can buy tickets to any Texas Performing Arts season show online (with a convenience charge) OR in person at the Texas Performing Arts Ticket Office (Hours: Tue-Fri, 11 am-6 pm). Remember to log-in with your Bass Pass account information if purchasing online. By doing so, you guarantee you get the best seats!

Q: What is the difference between a season show and a Broadway show or concert?
A: Season shows are fine arts performances presented by Texas Performing Arts. Broadway shows are part of the Broadway Across America season hosted by Texas Performing Arts. “Concerts” is the blanket term for any show not a part of the Essential Series or the Broadway season, like Daniel Tosh or Jason Mraz. The season shows and Broadway shows are scheduled about one year out, whereas the concerts are continuously added throughout the year.

Q: How is Bass Pass a better deal than just buying regular tickets?
A: Let’s use an example. Say you buy 2 Daniel Tosh tickets at regular price – this would be $45 per ticket, so $90 total. Your friend buys the Bass Pass and two, $10 tickets – this would be the one-time $40 Bass Pass fee, plus $20 for the two Bass Pass tickets. You have spent $90, and your friend only spent $60. For the next show you attend, you will pay full price for tickets – another $45 or so for one ticket. Your friend will only spend $10 for one ticket, so the savings are even greater. The Bass Pass is definitely the way to go!

Q: If I buy two Bass Pass tickets, can I buy regular-priced tickets with seats next to my Bass Pass tickets?
A: For Essential Series shows, yes! We can make that happen. Your best bet would be to come by the Texas Performing Arts Ticket Office at Bass Concert Hall during regular hours (Tue-Fri, 11 am-6 pm). For Broadway shows and concerts, Bass Pass tickets are pulled from a separate section; so unfortunately, we cannot do this for those shows.

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