LA Theatre Works: The Real Dr. Strangelove

LA TheatreWorks - The Real Dr. Strangelove

Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 8:00 pm
Hogg Memorial Auditorium

LA Theatre Works, Susan Albert Loewenberg Producing Director, presents The Real Dr. Strangelove: Edward Teller and the Battle for the H-Bomb by Peter Goodchild

Presented in partnership with the Humanities Institute and the Department of Theatre and Dance

In a truly unique evening of theatre, Texas Performing Arts welcomes world-renowned L.A. Theatre Works (LATW)and its performance of Peter Goodchild’s classic radio drama, The Real Dr. Strangelove: Edward Teller and the Battle for the H-Bomb.

Be transported back in time to the birth of the Atomic Age as the first H-Bomb detonates and we learn the story of its creator, Edward Teller. The bomb puts Teller on a collision course with Robert Oppenheimer, head of the team that created its precursor, the Atom bomb. Oppenheimer has turned pacifist, the government will stop at nothing to neutralize him — and Teller is their secret weapon. The script is taken directly from Oppenheimer’s trial, which led to the revocation of his security clearance.

For two decades, LATW has been the foremost radio company in the United States. Broadcast in America on NPR and internationally on the BBC, CBC, and the Voice of America, LATW has brought live theater into the homes of millions. The group’s touring performances are immediate, spontaneous, and feature a first-rate cast, live sound effects, and a connection to the audience rarely felt in traditional theater settings.

“L.A. Theatre Works has proven to be original, exciting, and…highly theatrical…” AMERICAN THEATRE MAGAZINE

We are pleased to announce the cast for the upcoming LA Theatre Works tour of The Real Dr. Strangelove. This outstanding group will be led by television and film actor John Getz as Oppenheimer. He is featured in the new film The Social Network and is a veteran of dozens of television shows including NCIS, Prison Break, Mad Men, and Trust Me, among others. Esteemed stage actor and LATW regular John Vickery will play Teller. John Vickery was the original Scar in The Lion King on Broadway and is well known to TV audiences from his work on Star Trek and Babylon 5. He is also the voice of Lucifer in the wildly popular video game Dante’s Inferno.

Also in the cast are film and TV actor Michael Canavan, Murder By Numbers, Flags of Our Fathers, Mad Men, Bones, Big Love, 7th Heaven, and others, and Geoffrey Wade, Law & Order, Bold and the Beautiful, and others. The rest of the fine cast includes film and television actors Kyle Colerider-Krugh, Diane Adair and Peter McDonald. Obie Award winner Shannon Cochran (Steppenwolf) is directing.

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